Tips on creating an accessible Kai & Kōrero

Prior to the dinner

  •  Before the dinner, send instructions including Accessibility of the house/venue, how to get there, what facilities will be available.
  • Check all items/obstacles are positioned to allow an accessible route throughout the event site, from the accessible car parks and bus stops to the main entrance.

During the dinner

  • Welcome guests when they arrive and shows them where all the facilities are such as toilets.
  • Offer those with vision impairment the option of a guide when approaching the house/venue, as well as someone to facilitate any question and answer time as they cannot always see hand gestures.
  • When approaching a guest, do so from the side or front. Avoid talking to them from behind as a guest with a hearing impairment may not hear you or you may give them a fright.
  • Face guests directly when speaking with them. Increasingly, more people have some degree of hearing loss and need to look at faces and lips when people are speaking to them.
  • Be aware of background noise; this will be distracting for some people.
  • You may need to speak slightly louder but avoid shouting.
  • For guests in a wheelchair, talk to the person in the chair and not just the person helping. Most people can and prefer to speak for themselves.
  • Be aware of potential hazards within the event site where guests may require further assistance.
  • Support animals are welcome; make sure all staff know where a nearby grassed area is for them to have a comfort stop.
  • Avoid gesturing when trying to direct people; instead offer to walk with guests to where they want to go.